In order to successfully install and access Zap, it is essential that your Zapiens App username matches the email address you use to access Microsoft Teams.

Install Zap in Teams

Pin Zap to the left side menu


Install Zap in Teams 

  1. Sign in to Teams 

  2. In the left side menu: 

    1. Click the "Apps" button in the bottom left corner or the "Three horizontal dots: More apps added" button

    2. In the application finder, type Zap and click on the Zap app

    3. In the pop-up window, click on the "Add" button to open the app

    4. When you interact with Zap, it will welcome you and will be available to ask you questions. See our article How to access and ask Zap in Teams

    5. Zap will automatically appear in the left side menu of Teams









Pin Zap to the left side menu

  1. Hover your mouse over Zap and right-click to access the following options: 

    • Pop out app: allows you to open a separate window to use Zap. 

    • About: from here you can access the description, the version of Zap you have installed and the necessary permissions. 

    • Pin: we recommend you to pin Zap in the side menu so that you always have it at hand. 

    • Block: If you enable this option you won't be able to ask Zap questions. 

    • Uninstall 









See our article Update Zap in Teams


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