If your organisation has given you the power to be a mastermind in Zapiens, congratulations! With this new functionality, Zap learns and acquires knowledge about your organisation in a more rigorous way. 


Advantages of the new answer validation process:   

  • Zap's knowledge about your organisation increases in a more rigorous way. Zap now learns from previously validated knowledge, that is. it needs at least one other person to confirm that the answers are correct

  • Collaboration between masteminds increases, now you will know the answers provided by other colleagues when you manage categories in common and you can give your opinion on them

  • Users receive more truthful answers to their questions


When a mastermind in your organisation answers a question in a category you manage together, Zap will send you the following notification in Teams: "You have answers to validate from other experts, would you like to proceed? If you want to validate it now or at any other time you can do so by writing “Show questions”


To validate your colleagues' answers in Teams, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Log in to Zap in Teams 

  2. Type "Show questions" and Zap will show you the questions you have yet to answer and validate

  3. If you have more than one question, click on each question or via the "+" button: 

    1. Click the "That's correct" button to validate the answer or click the "I don't know" button if you don't know the answer. If you have validated the answer, Zap our Artificial Intelligence will send a notification in Teams to the person who created the question to see your validation

    2. Keep answering questions and/or validating answers if you have any pending questions









Some important clarifications about the process of validating answers:   

  • To validate answers, the Masterminds have to manage categories in common

  • Questions related to categories managed by a single Mastermind do not require validation

  • Questions related to categories managed by only two Masterminds can be validated through the "That’s correct" button in the App 

  • When the other Masterminds in a category have clicked the "I don't know" button the answer is automatically validated

  • Questions answered from the Administration Area do not need to be validated by other Masterminds. They are automatically added to Zap's knowledge   


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