When you ask a question to a Mastermind and you receive his/her answer, Zap, our Artificial Intelligence, will notify you via the following notification in Teams: I already have the answer to your question! If you want to check it now or at any other time you can do so by writing “Show answers” Thanks for asking! You help me learn.


To see the answer, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to Zap in Teams 

  2. Type "View answers" and Zap will show you the questions and the answers from the sages

  3. Click on the "See more" button and Zap will show you all the answers to your questions  










Note: As the "Validate other masterminds' answers answers" functionality is disabled, masterminds' answers are automatically validated.   


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Questions without answers 


Questions without answers are also part of the learning process. When you have found a question that no mastermind can answer, Zap will send you the following message in Teams: You have found a treasure! After shuffling it among different masterminds, your question, so far has no answer, but I can still get one. 








Note: Zap in Teams does not currently offer the unanswered question. Please go to the "News" section of the App to access the question.  


Check out our articles How to access and ask Zap in Teams and See the masterminds’ answers in Zap in Teams (when "Validate other masterminds' answers" is enabled)


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