Masterminds are the people who answer most questions correctly within a category or categories in trainings. To become a Mastermind you must participate in trainings and show what you know about each topic. 

Answer as many questions correctly as possible, get points and become a "Top Mastermind"!

How to access the Masterminds section?

  1. Click on the "Tops" area in the Lower Menu

  2. Click on the "Masterminds" section to access the list of people who know more within your organization according to the different categories or knowledge areas 

  3. In the list of Masterminds, click on the name of the categories with the > (greater than) symbol to access the Mastermind listings of the subcategories that make up each general category

  4. You can filter or search by specific categories:

    1. Click on the "Filter by categories" search bar

    2. Select the category you are looking for 

    3. Click on the "Filter by categories" search bar to enter the category if you don't find it in the list

    4. Click on the "Confirm" button to access the "Top Masterminds" list for that category

    5. Click on the "X" next to the category name at the top to remove the filter

  5. You will be able to access your teammates "Statistics" and "Achievements”:

    1. Click on a teammate’s Name and Surname 

    2. Under his/her Name and Surname you can check the categories he/she knows most about 

    3. Click on the "Statistics" section to see the categories he/she has helped the most over the last week

    4. Click on the "Achievements" section to see the list of achievements, his/her progress and the levels he/she has unlocked

    5. Click on the "Arrow" button at the top left to return to the "Masterminds" list

  6. Click on any other area in the Lower Menu to exit the "Tops" area

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