When you report a question through the "I disagree" button and it is reviewed from your organization, Zap will send a push notification to your mobile device.

To see your report review, follow these steps:

  1. Access Zap, found in the center of the Lower Menu

  2. Zap will greet you and ask you what you want to do

  3. Click on the "Show reports" button

  4. If you have more than one reviewed question, you can swipe left to access them 

  5. Click on the "Show review" button of a question

  6. Click "Show Editor's Message" to read the message, and see the date and time the question was reviewed

  7. Click on the "Circle" at the top right to exit the editor's message

  8. If you wish to assess the management of the reported question:

    1. Click on the green "Thumbs up" button if you agree with the review

    2. Click on the red "Thumbs down" button if you disagree with the review

  9. Click on the "X" at the top left if you don't want to assess the management

  10. Click on the "X" at the top left to exit the "Show reports" section

Note: In the web version of the App, if you have more than one answer you will be able to access them by using the right or left arrows on the keyboard.

Note: Depending on how the reported questions are managed, you may receive the following messages in the App:

  1. Default message when they delete your report since they consider that the question is correctly expressed: “The reviewer has rejected your report. Anyway, thank you so much to help me to learn”

  2. Default message if the question is edited thanks to your report: "The report has been accepted and the question has been corrected. Thank you so much to help me to learn"

  3. Personalized message if the question is edited thanks to your report and they want to communicate something specific about the correction or thank you personally

Note: When a little red dot appears next to Zap, it means that Zap has something new for you. 

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